I’m currently a lead iOS developer at Rosetta Stone, where I’ve been working since January 2011.


I worked for about 10 years using C#, SQL, Visual Basic, Java, Objective C, and C. Before that, I was a chemist and a lab technician, where one day while writing a data acquisition program, I thought, this is really fun. So, I set aside my Chemical Physics BS and went back to school at night to make sure I knew what I was doing.

I wrote my first iOS app in 2009 as a new front end to a Windows service I had written, then published a small utility on the app store in 2010. At Rosetta Stone, I’ve helped deliver several apps.


Built in Detroit, I live in beautiful Colorado.

What I Mean

I am passionate about design and development, and strive to constantly learn and improve.

What Else

I have a wonderful family ♥︎

Aside from my love of programming, I have a lifelong love of writing and reading, music, and the Detroit Tigers.